Whether in relief or development co-operation: organizations operate abroad mostly in a fragile environment. When setting-up a new mission they face enormous challenges, where cultural differences often clash which need to be harmonized as quickly as possible. Local conditions and circumstances must be assessed and understood so that implementation can take account of them so that fast and especially successful actions are possible. Other actors, whether partners, other organizations and institutions or beneficiaries play an important role and should always be involved. This requires experience, considerateness, cross cultural competence and professionalism.

The next step comprises standardization and optimization as well as continuous quality assurance on every level to ensure sustainable project results. On the ground a well structured, functioning and motivated team is essential to gain satisfied beneficiaries (clients) and donors. This requires a high degree of analytical thinking, the implementation of feasible solutions, leadership ability and adaptability.

Finally procedures need to be developed which enable the organization to process positive but also negative experiences in such a way that it can draw necessary conclusions for future activities; building on existing capacities and responding to the desire for change and improvement.. This requires a high degree of ability in communication, insight and intuition, but also assertiveness.

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