My consultancy focuses on three areas of each organization: organizational development, quality- and project management:

Organizational development as a strategic tool focuses on existing capacities or possible structural changes to shape the output even more successfully.

Quality management as a hedging instrument analyzes documents and adapts processes and procedures in order to continuously improve as well as satisfy stakeholders and beneficiaries (clients).

Project management is the executive arm of every organization whose results most are most likely to be noticed by the public, because it is what the organisation sets out to do according to its strategy and projects, past and present.

Minimal changes in one area inevitably affect the others, too. Therefore all three areas are equally important in contributing to success – inside the organisation having professional structures in place which achieve, by means of tailor-made projects, positive sustainable impacts outside the organisation.

Hence I focus continually always on these three areas: organizational development, quality – and project management, even though an assignment seems to refer to only one of them. Thus I am fully able to involve and get all participants on board in these processes as well as generating specific, tailor-made and customer oriented results and solutions; in German and/or English.

Take advantage of my experience and expertise.

An Overview of my Services:

I conduct…

Mission set-up
•Site selection: finding and equipping premises
•Clarifying the legal status
•Structuring the organization
•Selecting and deploying of staff
•Elaborating standardized procedures (communication and processes)
•Elaborating controlling tools (e.g. four-eyes-principle)
•Integrating the organization into existing coordination mechanisms
•Drafting security protocols

Ad interim leadership
•Ensuring a smooth internal flow
•Representing the organization
•Capacity Building of staff (training-on-the-job)
•Determining target agreements (actions and budgets)
•Coordinating with other actors
•Writing project proposals
•Security management (guidelines)
•Reorganisation (if applicable)

Tasks in project management
•Conducting needs assessments
•Stakeholder analyses
•Logical frameworks
•Writing project proposals
•Developing indicators (quantitative and qualitative)
•Monitoring & evaluation systems
•Drafting of ToR for external evaluations

Evaluation of projects/programs
•Conducting evaluations based on DAC and ALNAP criteria
•Applying different methods of collecting data (depending on context):
> Questionnaires
> Interviews
> Focus group discussions
> Observation etc.
•Identifying and determining clear and feasible recommendations

Organisational consulting (also for local partner organisations)
•Process analyses and – audits
•Participatory strategic planning and review
•Identifying strength and weaknesses (SWOT analysis)
•Mentoring employees
•Elaborating guidelines, policies
•Financial planning
•Monitoring & evaluation system
•Workshops regarding quality- and project management

In general I conduct short term, but also longer term assignments in Germany and abroad. In addition I supervise organisations, teams, individual employees or projects from home office.